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Join our team !

Share a part of our adventure: for one hour, one week or more, you're welcome!!
We are looking for cameraman, photographers, crazy dancer, other artists or funny people!!


We will always :

  • live at people's home to learn more about the country and culture, never in Hotel
  • meet new people
  • taste the local specialities :)
  • go to dance salsa and other dances in clubs as often as possible
  • organize our own parties
  • and many challenges for fun...

Producers, diffusers, and media are welcome.......

Join our classes / workshops !!

In every country we will organize some workshops, animations and parties. Check out the agenda or contact us to know more !

We can teach in : English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Latvian, and Polish.

  About our salsa styles :

  Each member of the team has his own style and preferences, and together we cover the following : 

  • Salsa on1 "Los Angeles style" (step on 123, 567, break on 1)
  • Salsa on2 "New York style" or "Eddie Torres style" (step on 123, 567, break on 2)
  • Salsa on2 "palladium style" or "caribbean on2" (step on 234, 678, break on 2)
  • Cuban salsa on1
  • Cuban salsa on3

Our salsa tematics :
  • partnerwork
  • footworks (shines)
  • musicality moves 
  • lady / men styling
  • body movement (spicing up your basic steps)
  • trick'n'dips, acrobatics (Lifts),
  • salsa with tango
Cuban :
  • rueda de Casino
  • cuban Style on 1/on 3 
  • cuban Tricky Moves
  • cuban Footwork
Other dances :
  • bachata
  • bachata Sexy Moves
  • bachatango 
  • merengue
  • french zouk love
  • cha Cha Cha Night Club Style
  • samba Gafiera Moves